AIRA Online Communities

AIRA is delighted to launch a number of New Online Communities as part of its IR Support Package to assist members in exchanging ideas and sharing experiences with other members during these challenging times.  

To access AIRA’s Online Communities, please log in.

The following Communities are now available to AIRA Members:

Guidelines for Participation
  • We welcome your involvement — feel free to start a “New” discussion or comment / share your thoughts on current discussions.
  • Please remember that content posted in these Online Communities can be viewed by all group participants.  Please make sure they are appropriate.
  • We trust your judgment. If there is an issue you feel would be better addressed outside of the Community, please contact the AIRA Secretariat on +61 2 9872 9100 or email administrati[email protected]
  • Don’t risk your good reputation by using the platform as an opportunity for self-promotion. At AIRA’s discretion, inappropriate comments will be removed.  Furthermore, if AIRA considers an individual has flouted these guidelines on several occasions, they will be banned from further participation in Online Community discussions.


Opinions expressed in AIRA’s Online Communities by the contributor are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by AIRA.  AIRA accepts no responsibility for omissions and inaccuracies.