Introducing AIRA's New Comprehensive Guide to ASX Fees for Issuers: A Portfolio View


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Demystifying ASX Fee Structures for Issuers and Stakeholders

The Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) is proud to unveil its latest resource, the "Guide to ASX Fees for Issuers: A Portfolio View". This comprehensive guide is designed to be an invaluable tool for issuers, listed entities, and their advisers who engage with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

A Deep Dive into ASX Fee Structures

The ASX offers a myriad of services, each with its own fee structure. AIRA's guide aims to shed light on these structures, focusing on four pivotal categories:

1. ASX Listing Fees

2. CHESS Fees

3. Primary Market Facility Fees (CHESS DvP Settlement)

4. Fees for Issuers of Investment Products

Why This Guide is Essential

The primary goals of this guide are threefold:

1. Inform Issuers: Equip issuers with a detailed overview of ASX fees, enabling them to anticipate and budget for associated costs effectively.

2. Facilitate Strategic Planning: Empower financial professionals to devise cost-efficient strategies that align with ASX fee structures.

3. Highlight Changes: Keep stakeholders updated on any changes in the ASX fee schedules, ensuring they remain informed and prepared.


A Word from AIRA’s CEO

"In commissioning this guide, we enlisted equity capital markets expert, Stephen Dear and consulted with the ASX”, says Ian Matheson CEO at AIRA. "Our aim is to assist our members in understanding the ongoing costs associated with being listed on the ASX. While we've made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information, we encourage all parties to seek their own advice."

For more information about the "Guide to ASX Fees for Issuers: A Portfolio View" contact:

Ian Matheson
Chief Executive Officer
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About AIRA

The Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) was established in 2001 to advance the awareness of and best practice in investor relations in Australia and New Zealand and thereby improve the relationship between listed entities and the investment community. The Association's 160 corporate members now represent over A$1.2 trillion of market capitalisation, over 80% of the total market capitalisation of companies listed on ASX.


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